Reason #1,000 why I love Toby Keith: At his stop at Darien Lake Sunday night, he's bringing with him his big "Wild Shot" Inflatable Bar.  Oh yeah, get ready to fill up some "Red Solo Cups" with Toby’s own Wild Shot Mezcal.

Leave it to Toby to keep things festive during his Overdrive tour.  Bartenders will be serving up some Wild Shot recipes, including the "All American Jar," which is an original creation from I Love This Bar and Grill that Toby approved himself.

But maybe you’d like to try it before the tour comes to town. If so, here is the recipe:


Wild Shot Mezcal - 2.25 oz.

Malibu Rum - 1 oz.

Triple Sec - 0.25 oz.

Pineapple Juice - 0.25 oz.

Piña Colada Mix - 1 cup

Strawberry Daiquiri Mix - 1 cup

Crushed Ice - 1.25 cups

Blue Curacao- Garnish

Whipped Cream - Garnish

Cherry - Garnish


In a blender add Wild Shot, Malibu rum, triple sec, pineapple juice and Piña Colada mix with ice and blend until thick. Pour half of blender in separate glass, then add strawberry daiquiri mix in blender. Blend until mixed and pour blended strawberry mix into mason jar. Add separate glass of blended product to the mason jar and top with whipped cream and blue curacao garnish with a cherry.