It feels a little bit weird to say this but I have lived here in the Buffalo area for over half a century. Wow, I feel really old saying that. Looking back on my life I am thankful to have grown up here. One aspect of living in this border town that many of us take for granted is our close proximity to Canada. I have always enjoyed going across the border. I have so many cool memories of going to Canada. My father loved to take us there and in a way gave us some history lessons about the relationship between the United States and Canada. Our trips to Canada included places like: Old Fort Erie, The Welland Canal, and many Catholic churches and shrines in Ontario and Quebec.

My question to you is: How much do you know about our neighbors to the North? Personally, I feel that we as Americans are Blessed to have such a great country to share our border with. The Canadian people are the finest people on the planet.