Oh what an emotional time of year. Kids going off to college, parents sobbing as they drop their babies off. I, for one, made the choice to get my college education in Buffalo. For those of you who are going out of town, or may be out of town, here is my list of the…..(info gathered from friends who went out of town) Top 10 College Dorm Must Have Foods!

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    It’s a must!! Swedish Fish, Jolly Ranchers, Mini Candy Bars, M&M’s or whatever. Candy provides the sugar jolt to stretch a night of studying and also provides a tasty treat for when times are rough. Plus, your parents aren’t there to tell you not to.

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    Soda Pop

    Another way to get that fake energy back, plus it helps after a long night of partying….I mean studying!

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    Boxed Mac & Cheese

    It’s one of America’s favorite comfort foods. College is stressful. So let the warm cheesy taste of mac n cheese come to your aid. Plus. It’s easy to make!

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    Whether its in the a.m. or p.m. it is a great meal.

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    Yee Haw!!! Pile on those freshman 15….LOL Well it’s true. Chips are great though, especially Kettle chips.

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    Instant Hot Cocoa

    Nothing gets you through the long dreary winter months like some hot chocolate. You can store tons of the packets and it’s easy to make!

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    Energy Drinks

    I’m not a fan unless it’s topped with a lil' Jagermeister…..21 and older of course. Energy drinks will again, provide that super energy rush that may help you get through that awful philosophy class that a friend recommended you take. Ecchh!

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    Frozen, Boxed, delivery…etc…Pizza is clutch…a dorm room staple. It’s breakfast, lunch or dinner! I’t also America’s #1 favorite food. That according to an Oxfam survey! Who or what Oxfam is…..dunno…Google it!

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    Microwave Popcorn

    Easy, lo-cal, quick, salty, buttery. Need I say more!

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    Ramen Noodles

    Ramen remains king among college kids! It’s cheap and easy