Are you still searching for the perfect Halloween costume?  If so, you are cutting it pretty close.  This weekend begins Halloween party weekend.  I'm guessing people will be dressed up Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday (Oct. 31st).  I am one who still has NOT found a costume and I am also one who refuses to pay 50 dollars for a mask.  The last two years I made my own costume and it might just have to be a last minute thing, again, this year.  If you are still in need of an idea, here is a list of some of the more popular costumes for men and women this year!

MEN- Superheroes are supposed to be big this year.  Here are the Top 3!

1. Thor- (The Avengers)

2. Iron Man- (The Avengers)

3. Captain America- (The Avengers)

OTHER POPULAR COSTUMES  4 MEN INCLUDE- "Tron" Sam Flynn costume, Retro Flight Attendant, "Ted"- The raunchy bear, a gorilla, Magic Mike


WOMEN- Obviously "sexy" anything is in style.  Whether it's a nurse, maid etc..., but movie characters are also popular for this year.

1. Catwoman (The Dark Knight Rises version)

2. Katniss- (The Hunger Games)

3. Snow White ( Snow White and the Huntsman)

OTHER POPULAR COSTUMES 4 WOMEN INCLUDE- Katy Perry party chick costume with blue wig, any of the Angry Birds, Justin Bieber,

red ribbon