I have been putting together a list of things that I hear people say their neighbors do to annoy them. Perhaps some of you reading this will find some humor and others will get some use out of these.Over the next week, I will be rolling out the list of the most annoying things you can do to irritate, anger, agitate or flat out piss off those that live in your neighborhood.If you find that these are offensive, it is probably because YOU are the neighbor that no one likes.So with that, I give you....

#2 Trespassing

This is one I hear a bunch from fellow hunters and even some people in neighborhoods.Unless you have permission or some sort of agreement with your neighbor, it's probably best that you stay on your own property. Admit it, you pay taxes and work hard to pay for the land you have. You bough it for you and your family to use. Isn't it annoying when people come and go as if your place is a state park?

#3 Kids Musical Instrument Lessons

I realize that not every kid is a Mozart and that practice makes perfect. However, when your kid practices a violin, trumpet or any other instrument please keep the windows closed until they can get at least get a few notes right. Or at the very least, have them practice before dinner time. This may be tough to swallow, but they are not as good as you think and your neighbors don't want  to hear what sounds like a cat stuck in a car wash for an hour every evening.

#4 Excessive Use of Wind Chimes


I realize that the sound of a wind chime can be sweet and somewhat angelic. However, if you have to be yelling when you converse with your friends on your porch over the noise, it's too much. Why is that towns/villages require  music down at a "reasonable" volume after dark yet when the wind blows late at night wind chimes can bang and clang like a kid carrying a bag of empty cans into Wegmans?

#5 Idiotic Lawn Mowing Practices

Yes, lawn mowing can be good if you want your lawn kept nice. However, if you are mowing it way too early on the weekend, you are annoying your neighbors. We all have busy lives, but can't you ait until the sun at least is up for a few hours to dry the grass before you cut it?

How about the neighbor that refuses the get a tune up on their mower or can't figure out how to use the choke? If it sounds like your mower is not operating smoothly, it's time to get it fixed. The gentle hum of a lawn mower can sometimes be soothing. But when it's revving up and down like a prostitute with bronchitis, your annoying your neighbors.

One, more thing about mowing. Your lawn is YOUR lawn. Blowing your grass clippings onto the adjacent lawn that was just mowed and raked is not only annoying your neighbor, but grounds for war. Do you honestly think that no one will notice that you ran over a newspaper you were too lazy to pick up and blew the pieces all over the neighborhood?