Twinkies are back and America can rest easy. Another crisis is over. Walmart got a head start on sales and the rest of the country was officially able to sell them yesterday after they disappeared from store shelves for more than seven months.

It was back last November when Hostess ended production of all their snack foods when they weren’t able to resolve a dispute with their bakers’ union and the company went out of business. Hostess was already dealing with a downturn in business, especially their snack foods as Americans were choosing a healthier diet. Sales of Twinkies last year alone was down 2 %.

Twinkies were invented in 1930 when they figured out what to do with the pans used for making the shortcakes for strawberry shortcake that otherwise sat in storage when strawberries were out of season. The first Twinkies were filled with banana filling, but when bananas were rationed during World War II, the company went with vanilla cream.

So now Twinkies are back with something new – a smaller size. You didn’t think they’d make them bigger did you? The old Twinkies were 42.5 grams and had 150 calories. The new Twinkies are 38.5 grams and 135 calories. The new Twinkies also have a longer shelf life – 45 days up from the original 26.