We're the city of good neighbors. And a city of lazy neighbors.

According to Business Insider, they've come up with a rubric on how to find the laziest cities:

We made the list by analyzing three metrics: self-reported obesity and physical activity rates (from the Centers for Disease Control) and TV viewership (from Nielsen). The scores were then normalized and combined to  rank the worst cities.

Here's the list:

1. Tuscaloosa, Ala.

2. Huntington, WV

3. Birmingham, Ala.

4. New Orleans, LA

5. Orangeburg, SC

6. Memphis, TN

7. Wichita Falls, TX

8. Tulsa, OK

9. Oaklahoma City, OK

10. Fayetteville, NC

11. Las Vegas

12. Hagerstown, MD

13. Louisville, KY.

14. Detroit, MI

15. Pittsburgh, PA

16. Atlantic City, NJ

17. Charleston, NC

18. Hickory, NC