I realize this may make a lot of people mad...for a second. But boy, in the end, will it be funny!

Here's the challenge: During that biggest game of the year on Sunday, February 2, when Denver is playing Seattle, I want you to either TURN OFF or UNPLUG the television while everyone is watching the game -- and RECORD their reactions! Use Twitter, Instagram or Vine to upload it, and tag us so we see the video -- @1065WYRK. The reactions will be priceless and hilarious (though it might take until the day after for everyone else to see it that way).

The best videos will be put up on the website, and the public will vote for which one deserves a WYRK prize pack.

My theory is that, if you're a girl, you are less likely to get verbally abused for doing this, so you have that to your advantage. If your a guy...well, I take no responsibility if you get punched for pulling the act. But it's best to not let anyone see you do this, and just act outraged like everyone else.

So you have something to go off of, here's an example. Jimmy Kimmel attempted this a while back. (WARNING: Lots of foul language ahead!)