Toby Keith has been tweeting updates and photos from his USO Tour .  Toby has already performed for more the 9,900 military members across three countries, and he will continue to visit and perform for many more before his 12 day tour ends.

Toby tells CMT Country Countdown USA host, Lon Helton , “Since my first tour, I’ve been hooked on performing for troops,”  “I start looking forward to my next USO trip the minute I touch down here in the States.  I love it and I love our troops; they are the best in the world,”

I’ve been following Toby’s tweets since he started the tour; it’s really neat that he is able to share pictures and these updates with us.  It looks like he approved of his ride aboard the USS Enterprise (Pictured left).  If you want to see more photos, follow  Toby's tweets and check out his USO tour photo diary.