After their appeal to reduce sanctions against the football program was rejected the NCAA has stripped Southern California of its national title from the 2004 season.

The penalties were handed down after an investigation revealed numerous rules violations including improper benefits given to former Trojan Reggie Bush while he was a member of the team.  As a result there will be no national champion for that year.

Bush gave back his Heismann Trophy and USC returned its copy of the Heismann.  The record books will show there was no Heismann winner in 2005.

The Trojans rolled to a 55 to 19 victory over Oklahoma to cap an undefeated season, but that victory will be wiped from the record books as well.

USC had already forfeited all of their victories from December 2004 to the end of the 2005 season.

In addition to the vacated victories, the NCAA imposed a two-year ban on any postseason games and a loss of 30 scholarships.  Former coach Pete Carroll resigned to join the Seattle Seahawks about five months before the NCAA
enforced the penalties.

The NCAA has no tolerance for violating rules in recruiting and conduct and that's why they came down so hard on USC.  What's a shame is all the players on the team who played by the rules, did everything that was asked of them, but now find all their work was for nothing.  At least in the record books.