I got a good laugh out of all of the funny, awkward family pictures our listeners submitted as part of our contest to meet The Band Perry, and now, it's time for everyone to get a look at our favorites.

These five finalists have already won The Band Perry's self-titled CD, but it's up to you guys to decide who's going to get four tickets to the show and meet & greet passes to hang out with TBP!

Danielle C. writes, "This was taken when my brother and I were really little at Fantasy Island. Dad and Mom switched outfits, and, well, the pic explains it, lol."

Evelyn W. didn't send us an explanation of this photo, but I don't know that it needs one. The girl on the left's face is priceless!

"Ha! My wacky family!!!" is all Keri O. had to say about this entry.

"Gotta love the clothes and cheesy smiles!" wrote Rachel S. about this photo of her brothers and her. Ah, the '70s!

In order to avoid personal embarrassment, Julie M. submitted a picture of her cousins. "What the girls did to my cousin Ron, he'll never live down!" she wrote. (I hope her cousins never find this on the internet!)

Cast your vote in the poll below! Voting closes on Tuesday, August 7, at noon, and you can vote once per day.