There are people in this world that are complete germaphobes. As a matter of fact I know a few that are on the extreme side of this phobia. So much so that they would cancel a meeting if someone was coughing up a storm! There are some that are even afraid to be around large groups of people such as the one you would find at the Super Bowl.It appears that someone with the Measles attended some of this past weekend's events surrounding the big game. Perhaps my germaphobe buddies are on to something with their fears of large gatherings?

One of the confirmed patients visited the outdoor Super Bowl Village on Friday afternoon. More than 200,000 people visited the Super Bowl Village that day

Most people have either had them already or have been inoculated against them. Still, the fact that other cases have been popping up this week is cause for concern. What are the symptoms? Here is what Web Md says,

This disease is characterized by fever, cough, acute nasal mucous membrane discharge (coryza), inflammation of the lining of the eyelids (conjunctivitis), a spreading rash, and eruption of small, irregular, bright red spots (Koplik's spots) on the inner cheeks in the mouth with a minute bluish or white speck in the center of each