When the world hears that Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert are going to sing a duet -- the world listens.

It can't be anything but a powerhouse performance. It's almost like their battling the bro country theme that's trending in country music today and making a statement for the lack of females on the Country Billboard Chart.

At the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Carrie and Miranda performed their new song called 'Something Bad'.

Got a real good feeling something bad's about to happen
Ohhhh, Ohhh, Ohhh,
Rolled up to the church got so nervous
Had to pack it on up couldn't make it to the service
Grabbed all the cash underneath my mattress
Got a real bad feeling
Something bad about to happen
Drinks keep coming
Wake up in the morning don't know what happened
Ohhh something bad
Ohhh something bad