Who doesn't love a good Oreo? The only thing people seem to disagree on is HOW to eat your Oreos. When double-stuffed came out...I cried. Oreo had done the impossible -- they figured out to make the Oreo even better.

However, I'm starting to question Nabisco's sanity. They have just released their new seasonal flavor: watermelon.

WATERMELON?!?! How does watermelon even make its way into the list of possibilities?

"You know what might be delicious in cookie form?? Watermelon!"

Uhhh...I would have kicked them right out of the boardroom. Alas, they put it through, and we now have the Oreo watermelon cookie.

If you're as leery as me, never fear: The Breakfast Club is trying the cookie for you.

Dale's Review:

Liz Mantel



He says he doesn't like watermelon, but he's been sneaking them throughout the morning.




Clay's Review:

Liz Mantel



Loves it...but he inhaled it. We're not sure he even tasted it.





Liz's Review:

Liz Mantel



Can't decide, needs to have a few more to come up with a solid answer.





Have you tried the watermelon Oreo yet? Thoughts?