Are you sick of four dollar per gallon gas? I know I am.  Probably not too much we can do about it.  I don't see President Obama doing anything to get the price down.  We are basically stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are many things you can do to save on your fuel costs.  I recently bought a vehicle with a four cylinder engine.  My wife is also driving a car with a four cylinder engine.  I also use my 44 mile per gallon Harley-Davidson whenever possible.

That is just the start.  You can save even more by following these simple gas saving tips.

Coast to a stop:
Try to coast to a stop rather than accelerating until the last second and try to anticipate when the light will turn green.

Don't crawl up to speed:
Jackrabbit starts will consume more gas but crawling up to speed will also cost you more Miles per gallon. For the best fuel economy try getting to your desired speed at around 15 seconds.

Close Windows and Use your AC at higher speeds:
When traveling at higher speeds your best bet is to close your windows and reduce the amount of drag. yes, using AC is a slight drain on Mile per gallon but not as much as the amount of wind drag. with your windows down.

Cruise at a slower speed:
If you typically set your cruise control to 70 or 75 try reducing that by 5 mPH. You;ll save gas and be that much safer on the road.

Climb Slowly:
Turn off your cruise control when climbing hills and accelerate at a steady pace going uphill and slowly decelerate going downhill.

Leave Car in Gear when coasting downhill:
Most modern cars will automatically decelerate when you take your foot off the gas so their is no fuel saving reason to coast downhill in neutral. Besides that most states have laws forbidding coasting downhill in neutral for safety reasons.. has a great list of things you can do while driving to save even more gas.