Every Every year my sister Lisa and I venture out to the Hamburg Fairgrounds for the annual Christmas in the Country craft show.  This weekend we did just that.  Saturday morning we headed to the show and were ready to get an early start on Christmas shopping.  I’m not usually one to begin anything early but this show comes the first weekend in November every year.  It seems more and more people attend this show year after year and boy the weather certainly didn’t hurt this weekend.  It was sunny and mild and we were ready to shop.

We always start in the main building and follow our usual path along the outside walls visiting the vendors there first.  Then we sort of eyeball the rest of the aisle to see if they’re worth pushing through the crowd for.  Most of the vendors return to the same areas so we pretty much know where to look.  I think most of my purchases over the years have been at the same locations.

After we tackle the first building, we headed over to buildings two and three.  Over all I made two purchases one of which was a new Christmas tree topper and the other was for my outside display. 

Even though it was crowded and I get annoyed by the people who bring their kids in those double strollers that block the aisles (you can’t tell me the kids they drag there are having fun) I always have a good time at the show and it puts me in a holiday mood.