I’ve been doing my best to get more exercise and eat better and I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself, I’ve been good .  I’ve stopped drinking pop almost completely, not going to lie I will have a coke occasionally but nothing like before.  I would drink at least one can a day but stopped doing so on March 16th (see I’m even counting the days).  I find myself having a bigger meal for lunch and eating light at breakfast and dinner and then doing what all the experts say, snacking on healthy foods during the day.  Its gets easier but with all the temptations around it’s definitely an on-going battle.  Today at lunch I was weak and bought a bag of Ruffles sour cream potato chips (the absolute worst) but I thought it was better to break down on this craving so I wouldn’t be overcome by another craving later in the day.  Those darn chips are my weakness.  Okay I’m going to try not to feel bad for being weak  I had the chips nothing I can do about it now except move forward and fight all the other temptations like chocolate, wings, pizza…you get the picture.  What food temptations do you have?