With Christmas just three weeks away, it got me thinking about some of the cool toys I loved when I was young. I remember making my list for Santa, which was a bit different I think than other girls my age. I grew up on farm so I was in to horses for many years. Me, my sisters and brother were creative kids we liked the toys you could build things with, primarily houses and little block road cities that we would set up in our family room. I remember mom and dad having step very delicately around our houses and cars that were sprawled out on the floor. If I had to pick my favorite toys, the list would go like this.

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    Lincoln Logs

    We would build entire cities of houses and leave them set up for days. Houses with second stories even.

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    The Lone Ranger collection

    Because I loved horses and would ride my real one in the summertime, I wanted everything western. We had the entire Lone Ranger collection which included a chuck wagon, horses, guns, hats…all of it.

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    Me and my cousins used to pretend to be the Charlie’s Angels. We would each get a walkie talkie and venture off on the farm solving mysteries. Usually it was trying to spot our Irish Setter Sampson, who used to run all over the farm. We would have to figure out where he got off to.

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    Electronic Battleship

    Oh yeah, we thought we were hot stuff when Santa brought us the talking Electronic Game, how cool we were.

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    Cassette tape recorder

    My Brother Ronnie and me used to make up our own soap opera shows based on the shows that were on TV at the time like ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Dallas’ I remember our ongoing plot “who shot RJ (you know like who shot JR, lol). I wished I would’ve kept those tapes.