Tonight is the night to "duet." The new singing competition called ‘Duets’ premieres on ABC tonight and gives us a new twist. Four superstars will compete alongside their chosen amateur duet partners. Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles has found two singers to compete, R&B influenced J Rome and her fellow Georgia native John Glossom. I would think Jennifer will have an upper hand in this competition, seeing how she is part of a duo and will have experience sharing the spotlight and singing harmony with a partner. Not to say John Legend, Robin Thicke and Kelly Clarkson haven’t performed with a partner, but Jennifer does this regularly, so harmony-wise, she should mesh well with the people she has picked. Even Kelly Clarkson has publicly said that Jennifer is the one to beat.  That said, we can’t kid ourselves: Each of these stars' fan bases will play a big part in who ultimately will win. Factoring that in, I give Kelly Clarkson the edge. She has the most Twitter and Facebook followers (over 1 million for both), and that’s certainly going to help her cause. Plus, she has a kick-ass voice and is a likeable person to boot.
I admit I will watch this show because of Jennifer and Kelly. The two of them should make for good television regardless of anything else. As for the guys, well they’re both nice to look, at so I’m not complaining. My prediction, team Kelly for the win.