Earlier this week we learned that Buffalo will get its first state park when beginning this fall construction will begin on picnic shelters, playgrounds, a redesigned breakwall and walking areas, fishing access and seating. It will become the state’s 180th state park about a half hour’s drive from the state’s first state park – Niagara Falls State Park. It’s not only the first state park, but it’s the oldest state park in America. New York State created the Niagara Reservation in 1885. The idea was to prevent the area around the falls from being exploited – to preserve its natural beauty – exactly the opposite of what happened on the Canadian side. And that’s another story.

While some people say there’s so much more to do on the Canadian side – the American side retains its natural beauty. Landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead designed it. But then along came the Robert Moses Parkway that cut right thru the middle of the park. Can you imagine that happening today? The parkway since has been closed near the area of the falls and there’s plans to completely remove the parkway in the future.

The Niagara Reservation was declared a national historic landmark in 1963 and added to the list of national register of historic places in 1966.

A few years ago the Today show named it one of the 10 most beautiful spot in America.