A number of Western New Yorkers have been reporting that they have received e-mails and/or calls saying that President Obama is offering money to help you pay your bills, as well as stimulate the economy.  Hopefully, you are smart enough to know that this is a scam.  It's being called "Obama Scam" and you just might be next on the list of people who will get a call or mail from these con artists.  In some cases, people are being offered as much as $1,000 and none of them received that money.  Imagine that??  This is one of many scams to hit the area.  Earlier in the year, people were being scammed by fake Walmart and Best Buy offers.  Hey you won a gift card!!! Yeah, right ... don't believe any of this.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!  Local authorities and the Better Business Bureau remind everyone not to give out any personal information; social security number, bank info, etc. If you do, you're leaving yourself open for identity theft and a world of hurt!