Taking the ride to and from work isn't always the most pleasurable experience.  Many times you are stuck in delays or made to reroute yourself due to an accident.  In those times, do you remain calm or does "road rage" set in?  What other annoyances do you encounter when you get behind the wheel?  Is it that guy bumping his loud "beats" as you pull up next to him at a traffic light?  Is it that bag of a businessman who is on the cell phone hoggin the road?  Here are the Top 10 complaints of American drivers according to Consumer Reports National Research Center.  The top annoyance, as ranked by the 900 people polled, is when drivers are.......texting and driving.

Parking in handicapped spaces (when you are an able-bodied individual) ranked 2nd.  I can't tell you how many times I've been in a plaza/mall lot and saw someone park in one of these spaces, get out of the car, and walk perfectly into a store.  Hey, it's not for me to really judge, they may have a handicap that 's not easily seen.

#3 Biggest driver annoyance- those who tailgate! I've never been one to tailgate unless you pull a jerkball move in front of me, then I will. I know it's probably not good to say, but many of us do it.  It's that "road rage' I guess.

#4- Drivers who cut you off.  This belongs grouped in with tailgaters.  Chances are if you tailgate you also drive erratically and possibly cut other drivers off.

#5- Speeding and swerving in and out of traffic- This should piss everyone off.  You see it a lot with those who own fast cars and crotch rockets.  Just cuz you can, doesn't mean you should!

#6- Taking up 2 parking spaces- Drives me nuts.  If your car is that important to you, leave it in the garage and walk

#7- Talking on phone when driving- Chances are you are slowing down traffic when you are doing this.  Consider others and pull over.  Whenever I have to talk and drive...I go hands free, as should you!

#8-Not letting you merge into a lane- Very annoying.  Sometimes I give the other driver the benefit of the doubt and say..."Maybe he/she isn't as alert of a driver as I am."

#9-Not dimming high beams when approaching another car- This doesn't bother me because I don't see it that often.  Those who live out in the country on long dark roads may experience this more  than I do.

#10- Not using turn signals- If you do this and you get rear ended one day....You get what you give.  Sorry pal.  You gave no direction...you get hit. LOL

Others driver annoyances mentioned in this poll- excessive horn honking, slowing down to look at accidents, not going when you have a green light, bicyclists, loud music in other cars....


(Radio Online)