I'm 35 years old now.  But that doesn't mean I can't have some fun.  I was listening to someone talking about the cool imaginary things from movies that they wish were real.  There have been some incredible imaginary inventions.  Here are 9 that I'd like to try:



  • The hover boards from The Back To The Future movies

    • Weren’t these things supposed to be real by now?
  • A ride from Falcor on The Never Ending Story

    • I still have no idea how that kid didn’t fall off of him
  • Drink from the chocolate river in Willy Wonka

    • I could do without that Augustus kid floating in it though.
  • Use The Transporter from Star Trek

    • I’m no Trekkie but seriously, who wouldn’t want to travel this way?
  • Drink butterbeer like Harry Potter

    • This just sounds delicious.
  • Wear Iron Man’s suit

    • Almost as good as the transporter but you can blow stuff up too!
  • Use the universal remote from Click

    • I’m an Adam Sandler fan so I’ve seen this.  If you haven’t, the remote allows him to pause, speed up or reverse time.
  • The Neuralizer from Men In Black

    • Say something wrong to your spouse, erase that short term memory and replace it with one that will be a little safer.
  • Light Sabres from Star Wars

    • I wouldn’t care to fight too many people with them but my shrubs would be a whole lot more fun to trim.

So why are there only nine things on the list?  I'm hoping you can help me fill in the last spot.  What should be on the list of imaginary things that are in movies or books or tv shows that you'd like to try?