I just got back from a few days in Las Vegas. What a great trip and as the saying goes..."What happens in Vegas," you know the rest. This was one of my favorite trips I have ever been on. If you have never been to Vegas, it is as Josh would say "an adult version of Disney World."There is something that I came up with that I think can improve the quality of the Nightlife Experience in Downtown Buffalo and make the City some money as well.

I.D Please

As we went from casino to casino in Vegas, every time I wanted a drink I was asked for my ID. It seems as though "Sin City" does have some rules and regulations. The liquor license is sacred to these places, one wrong move and it's over for these clubs. As I was asked to show my ID for the sixth time in one day, I came up with an idea. Why doesn't Las Vegas or Clark County come up with a system for checking ID's in which as soon as you get off the plane or arrive on the strip or at your hotel, you show your ID. You then would be given a wrist band to be worn for the duration of your stay.

Cutting Down On ID Checks and Making Some Much Needed Revenue

Ok.So with every convenience comes as fee. The wrist bands would be given for a fee. The fees can vary based on length of stay. Staying for a week? Staying a few days? Just gonna hit the strip for the night? The fees can be based accordingly. This saves the bouncers time and saves the patrons time. I don't know about you, but I get sick of getting proofed all the time when I am thirsty.

Protection For The Liquor License

As I told mentioned earlier, the Liquour License in GOLD. If the City/County were to check the ID's of those that intend to drink, the responsiblity is pplaced on them to make sure thet aprrove only those ID's they feel are legitimate. When you show your band at the door, the bouncer knows that you are "legal" for entry and the bartenders can do what they do...pour drinks and not police underage drinkers.

Buffalo Needs this NOW

As school is back in for local colleges, Chippewa is once the place to be. Not trying to be a buzz kill or Debbi Downer kids, but it's the under-agers that are causing most of the problems in clubs. It's the underage drinkers that have caused numerous clubs, bars and dives to close.It's the underage drinkers that seem to cause the fights and yes...being blunt..B.S. downtown. I propose that much like Vegas should, Buffalo and Erie County should have a wrist band system for the nightlife in Downtown Buffalo. the money is needed and so is the protection of the Liquor License for bar owners.Going out for the night? Stop and grab a wrist band and save yourself a lot of aggravation.