Channel 4 WIVB is asking the question, What is Buffalo's best local morning show?  That's easy to answer, it's Clay and Liz on Buffalo's Number 1 for new country!

You did it! Clay and Liz are finalist in WIVB's Buffalo's Best morning Radio Show but now you need to VOTE FOR THEM AGAIN!

I always start my day listening to Clay and Liz, and I'm not just saying that because I work with them.  I would be listing to them even if I didn't work at WYRK.  They get me day started with laughs, their informative and real.   If you agree that clay and Liz are Buffalo's best morning show hosts, then say so by voting for them!

Channel 4 WIVB has been highlighting 'Buffalo's Best' everything from Buffalo's Best Ice Cream, Buffalo's Best Wings,  Buffalo's Best Coffee, Buffalo's Best Fish Fry!  I'm sure you have a favorite one to share.  I love living in Buffalo because we have a lot 'Bests'  We all have our favorites and it's fun to see what others will say their 'Best of's are.  See who Buffalonians pick as their favorites here