Casey Anthony was released from prison early Sunday morning.  Although she was acquitted in the death of her daughter, she was found guilty of lying to investigators. Because she had been in prison for 3 years, she was able to be released. She is now a free woman. But where can she go to start her new life? In a case very similar to O.J. Simpson's, there may not be a safe place in the world for Casey Anthony. And even though she has received numerous offers of places to stay, there are many in this country who feel she is guilty of murdering her daughter. She could try to go somewhere where no one knows her and start her life over with a fake name, but someone, somewhere will discover who she is and let the media know. She is also a high school drop-out which will make her employment choices very limited. The only way she will be able to support herself is through selling interviews and perhaps a book deal. My prediction is that she will have to leave the United States and go live her life in a foreign country where no one will know her. has more on the release of Casey Anthony.