This past Saturday night I was out playing with my band LAST SHOT at a local pizza place in Williamsville. I really enjoy performing in the Williamsville/East Amherst area because it's close to my home and I can get a lot of my friends and neighbors to show up. Saturday night was one of those magical evenings where tons of people showed up and stayed all night long. It was so packed you could not move in the place. The crowd was enthusiatic and was ready to party! When we perform for a large crowd like that it makes us step up our game and put on a great show. It is so cool to look out at the audience and see people screaming out the words to the songs we are singing. For me, that is probably the second best feeling in the world.  Our last song of the night was "Surrender" by Cheap Trick. At this point, everyone was fist-pumping, dancing and just going crazy. The crowd was singing along with us and they may have been louder than we were!

But my question to you is: What is the best bar in the Buffalo area to see a band?