Last night, I did what many people end up doing late at night when the Olympics are on: I found myself watching a sport that I didn't even know existed.  It was called the men's canoe doubles, and it looked ridiculously hard. Which got me thinking -- what is the hardest event at this year's Summer Games?

Sure, Olympic sports take talent and skill no matter what event we're talking about.  But some events seem to take a little more grit to me.  They're the ones that you really have to dig a little deeper just to finish much less be a champion.

Water polo is one of the first sports I think of when I'm thinking of difficult Olympic events.  Honestly, anything in the water seems hard to me.  But in water polo, not only do you have to keep your head above water, you have to do it while other people are all over you.

The canoe event that I was talking about (canoe slalom) involved two guys in a kayak going down a white water course while navigating their boat through slalom poles both with the current and against it.  I was tired from just watching them.

Another sport that comes to mind is the beach volleyball.  Sure, they make it look easy.  But have you ever played volleyball in the sand?  Now get rid of all but two players on each side of the net and still cover the same amount of space.  Plus be able to jump high enough to spike and block at the net.