We asked our Facebook fans what Laws they would enact if they were the Governor of New York for the Day.  Welfare reform and jobs are obviously a hot topic with our listeners.

Krystina Caraglin
Lift the sales tax BS on the Indian Reservations!!

Bob Rodgers
How about getting ride of some so business would want to come to N.Y..

Patricia Carpenter
More jobs in NY so people wouldn't have to move from their family and friends.

Heidi Simon
I would make a law banning bullying in the school. Those who were caught bullying would have to have in school suspension. While in school suspension they would be given a lecture or a movie to watch about the harmful effects bullying could have in a person. The bullied students could have a safe place in the school where they can talk to a counselor or other victims to get support.

Heusinger Gena
I would crack down on the Internet law, so people couldn't give out peoples information and make death threats. Let along the sexual talk about minors. you cant do this in person you shouldn't be able to do it on the Internet.

Krysanne Lampman
a population limit. same goes for Toronto.

Jena Champion
Get off your @ss and get a job law!

Debra Ann Miller Dibble

Rosanna Lepiane
Fix the Medicaid system. It's ok to be on it but damn don't stay on it for life....and worse yet let's not have generation after generation on it for life. The easier New York State makes it no wonder no one wants to better themselves

Cindy Davis
Reduce the highly over-priced property taxes. And all the surcharge n taxes @ the DMV's to start. And try to find a way to change the medicaid/public assistance programs. As the recipients of medicaid have better health coverage than those of us that work and have to pay our health insurance and co+pays! Oh yes and find a way to separate NYC - make it- it's own state from the rest NYS.

Tim Prawel
I would take more of the NYS Lottery profits, their advertising budget alone must be in the millions, Nightly news, television, radio, newspaper, Billboards, and new scratch off games weekly, just think what School systems could do with that

Denise Gambino
How about a residency law for people applying for social service programs

Kathie Kuwik
drug testing for welfare recipients as well as a time limit to be on it!!

Trisha Tanney
re-test drivers 65 and older

Michael Vincton
change the gun laws

Kenny Rumble ‎@ Heidi
I would do the same, however, I would have to do something a lot more severe. I'd have to make it so they'd get automatically expelled. They can start again in the next school year. People are dead because of bullying, and more are loosing the fight. Something needs to be changed.

Jessica Bohn
Welfare reform!

Jason Randolph
Put lazy people to work by not allowing so many handouts! I understand those who can't work for whatever reason, but not those who simply don't want to.

Shelley McGraw
Make NYC its own like DC..they can support themselves. Then cut taxes in Erie county and make sweet deals with companies so they would come here and give jobs to people and make a profit. Encourage the college educated to stay here in WNY.

Lindsay Rebmann
I would change food stamp criteria. Working at tops i've seen people with fake nails and brand name clothes/jewlery, buying steaks and margarita mix on their food stamp cards. I can barely find the extra money to buy myself or my family steak. Why are we paying for theirs? It should only be for produce, canned veggies/fruits, dairy products (excluding frozen pizzas and icecream) and normal groceries. Not candy, chips, soda and other indulgence items.

Rosanna Lepiane ‎@Denise & kathie
I agree definitely should pass a drug test to get the golden ticket of welfare....& If you come to this country from another one, great I'm all for it but this is America, we speak English here. No one is asking them to give up their language but we shouldn't have to learn their's if they don't want to learn ours.

Rosanna Lepiane
And please tell me how the he'll these people don't speak a word of English but have a drivers license and Medicaid????

Erlyssa Wicks
I would make a law that if you were an elected official and the people felt you didn't do your job you faced the death penalty.

Donald Tierney
I would make it so crack heads don't keep asking people for money so they can get drugs

Scott McGinnis
Open carry for pistol permit holders and drug testing for welfare

Barbara Stives
No same sex marriages..

Erica Nicole Paruszynski
Some law to get rid of the scumbags who are ruining the city of Buffalo,I'm only 20 and it's changed so much since I was a little kid. So many houses, stores, parks, streets,etc are so rundown it's sad......and drug testing for welfare would help allot so that the hard working Americans can get some help when they need it to not just for these lazy a## greedy people.

What laws would you like to see passed?