Will the helmets be red or silver like when the Bills started out? We know that the charging buffalo will be a part of the new uniform. How about colors? Do you change the jersey colors?

A lot of people think that the throwback uniforms that the Bills wear are the best uniforms that they have.  I'm not so convinced.  I'm totally ready for this team to become the team of "NOW."  I'm tired of living in the past and how good we used to be.  It's hard to live up to the accomplishments of some of the Bills teams of the past.  I want this team to be great for who they are now.  Stop trying to be the 90s bills and be better.

I think that maybe something different from what we've had in the past might be just what this team needs.  Time for them to get their own  identity. 

The Bills started out wearing silver helmets.  They then had the white helmets with the standing buffalo.  Then they moved to the white with the charging buffalo.  From there they changed the helmet to the red with the charging buffalo.  There have been minor changes since then but from the sounds of things, there are bigger changes on the way.  So what do you think they'll do? 

A website called Jockpost.com is reporting that Nike will replace Reebok as the providor of NFL uniforms.  They've even posted an artist's rendtion of what those uniforms might look like. 

There's still no question about it though, it doesn't matter how good the uniforms look, if the team that's in them is no good, the uniforms won't make a difference.