Yesterday was one of those days where I just didn't feeling like hopping into the car and  driving somewhere to watch fireworks. I was not in the mood to fight crowds. Luckily, I am located in a great spot that allows me to see many different displays without having to go anywhere.

My house is situated on a hill and combine that with my elevated deck in the back yard and I have the perfect spot to watch fireworks.  I was able  to watch the fireworks from Buffalo Country Club, Transit Valley Country Club, University of Buffalo and the display of a very wealthy neighbor about a half mile south of me who spent as much on fireworks as did the nearby country clubs. I was almost getting neck strain from having to turn in so many directions. What a great evening of fireworks. I was thoroughly entertained and I didn't even have to drive anywhere. Sure made that Molson Export Ale taste even better.

For many downtown Buffalo residents, the commercial slip was the place to be last night for an outstanding display of fireworks.