Well I found my rabbit in a place no animal should be and shockingly, it lived.

My one friend had put on facebook that they were trying to find a bunch of rabbits that they breed for research and studies at a local college some homes. After I hear that if they aren't adopted they are probably euthanized I thought 'pet saver himself' to the rescue again. (At one point I brought home a lobster, some turtles and four ducks--which didn't go so swell at my parent's house) But, none the less I end up bringing home this rabbit which, I thought I had an old cage for. Of course, I must have thrown it out because now I have a fairly large, white rabbit (think typical experimental rabbit with red eyes) hopping around my kitchen and I have to leave for work in 20 minutes. Great.

My solution...a quick fix....grab some deer fencing and make a little habitat or something (you know, that mesh stuff that goes on bushes) and off to work. Well, sure enough I come home and find the rabbit hopping around outside of the 'cage'. Whatever-no problem just make it a little more secure.

I head off to work the next morning and all I wanted to do was take a nap when I got home before I had to go back to work later in the day. I guess I should have learned my lesson because I get home and realized it happened AGAIN. But, this time where did the rabbit go? Couldn't find that thing anyway and it was a BIG Rabbit.

WELP...suddenly I realized the cap was off the sump pump. And whoops, there was Buster.

Rob Banks

Before you call PETA, Buster did make it. And rabbits should not be dunked in water I thought I was going to loose him it was just shivering. But, Buster did live to tell the story and than I was told he could not stay in the house anymore. So, Buster was living out of the back of my truck for a day before I could convince the SPCA that Buster could not be on a waiting list to get taken in and that he needed to be adopted pronto.

I try to save the rabbit from being euthanized and for crying out loud he almost had a way worse death. I should just stick with my fish...