In all honesty, I don't mind watching my kids' movies with them.  Some of the more recent animated films have been pretty good.  Earlier this week, the media went crazy over a line said by Tom Hanks about Pixar coming out with a Toy Story 4.    But dont' get too excited animated film fans...

As it turns out, Hanks said the line last year.  According to The Examiner, there's no rhyme or reason to why it's suddenly becoming news now.

But the idea is intriguing.  If you had to pick an animated film that should have a sequel, what one would it be?  I've always wondered how Wall-e would have turned out years later.  I loved Monster's Inc. but would a sequel do it justice?  How about Finding Nemo?  Pixar would not comment on production of a sequel to that one but could that fish seriously get lost again?  Knowing Hollywood I'm sure he could.

Pre-quels are another story.  Monster's Inc. IS getting a pre-quel called "Monster's University" that shows what Sully and Mike were like before they got their jobs at Monster's Inc.  That one is supposed to be coming out in 2013.

The worry is that the sequel will never be as good as the original.  In the Toy Story franchise, however, I would beg to differ.  I was really impressed with all three of the Toy Story movies.

So could Pixar pull off another great sequel?  And if it can, which movie would you prefer to see them make a follow-up to?