The 2012 Olympic Games are underway!  After the opening ceremony last night (Friday, July 27), the atheletes are ready to go in London.  But when I was looking over the list of events, I started wondering if maybe some of the games should be replaced.

I mean, come on, badminton?  Table tennis? Really, where are lawn darts and cornhole?

There's even a 20-kilometer race walk. Racewalking is an Olympic event?! In my opinion, you can't race while walking.  The idea behind walking is to get from one point to another at a leisurely pace.  If you want to get there faster, it's a run.

They have judo and tae kwon do, but I would personally love to see an MMA event added. Which brings me to my next question: If you were on the International Olympics Committee and could replace any of the games in the Olympics, what would you replace them with?

Enter your choice in the comments section below.