I'm sure many names come to mind when you ask yourself..."Who is the most searched celebrity online for 2011?" Is it Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian or Charlie Sheen?  Well,  Bing.com has released their list of the Most Searched Celebrity Online for 2011.  Topping the list is the one and only.....Justin Bieber!!!!  Yes, the "Biebs" elbowed out Kim Kardashian for the top honors this year.  Kim held the title last year in 2010.









The most searched news story of 2011 according to Bing.com- The Casey Anthony Trial!!  Any surprise?? Coming in at #2- The coverage of the death of Osama Bin Laden.


The most searched name in sports- Tennis star Maria Sharapova....#2- Tiger Woods....#3- Brett Favre


The most searched T.V. show- American Idol



* all info taken from Metro Source and Bing.com*