I am one of the biggest fans of a good old fashioned Buffalo winter. I love snow. The way I see it, if you are gonna live where we do you better find yourself a hobby to enjoy during winter. It makes the time go faster and it will help to fight against the season affect disorders that we keep hearing about. This year has been all but good for us snow lovers. It hurts more than just my need for snow. It is starting to take a toll on Western New York in many ways!


We have had above normal temps and below normal snow this season and those of us that love to be on a snowmobile can't hit the trails. This affects bars and restaurants big time. There are places that depend on people to come in on sleds for drinks and food. There are places in Langford, NY for example that see most of their business this time of year. When there is no snow, the little man, the small tavern owners suffer.It can make or break them for the rest of the year and carry over into next year.

Pond Hockey

I understand that the National Tourney that brings a ton of money in our area may not happen. It is in fact in jeopardy because the lakes are not freezing. No ice...no hockey. It has to be at least 12 inches  in order for it to be usable.

Motor Sports Business

It is hard to get customers to come in and buy a sled when the temps are in the 40's in January. The owners of these businesses often are given stock that they have to hold even if they aren't moving out the older models. Plus, when no one is on a sled, there are no "break downs.' The service departments at these places have to be taking a huge hit. That could lead to layoffs.

Plows- Parts/Sales/Service

Same goes for these businesses. If guys aren't breaking plows in the heavy snow, these businesses don't keep up their service revenues. Plus, who can't shovel 2-3 "? Many of the guys I know have had a heck of a time getting people to sign contracts. A lot of these plow operators have been forced to either lower their contract bids or go to a "pay per plow" type of deal. Again, no snow to plow...no money.

*** I spoke to a local garage door company. They told me that business is slow because no one is hitting garage doors with plow blades.

Body Shops

Sounds morbid. But, when there are no snow related wrecks, it can be a tough year for a collision business. Many of these companies rely on snow to make the roads slick and thus cause accidents.

Tire/Auto Mechanics

When the temps are up, cars don't break down as often. In addition to that, people ordinarily won't even think about buying snow tires if they don't see the snow pile up or if they don't get stuck. The tire business suffers greatly when there is a warm winter.

Firewood Business

When it's warm those that heat with wood are not burning the large amount of wood they ordinarily do. The next year, sales of chords of woods go down because regular customers have left over firewood from the year before.

Ski Slopes...

For obvious reasons. Yes, they can make snow but normally that is used to enhance what Mother Nature dumps and much like snowmobiling, people aren't thinking skiing or buying skis when it is 40 degrees in January.

You will never hear me complain about snow. I love to snowmobile and pray the lake machines fire up soon. But I also have many friends that depend on the weather to survive. When it's a warm winter, I ain't cheering.