Like most Americans, I always feel a bit weird on the anniversary of 9/11. I love my country so much, that I can't help but think about all of the innocent people who died on September 11. 2001. The anniversaries of 9/11 are always sad days for me, but this year was especially tough.

  I don't even know that I can put my finger on exactly why. Is it because my two teenage children are almost grown and I am concerned about the America they'll  be living in as adults and will it be a safe place?  Is it because I may still be harboring some deep rooted anger against the evil people who attacked our country?

It's very difficult to sort through all the emotions that 9/11 has brought us. Even ten years after the fact, I am still feeling anger and sadness for what happened. When I signed off the air on Saturday afternoon, I asked my WYRK listeners to do me a favor and do one simple thing on 9/11 and that was to spend some quality time with family and friends.

Yesterday was a day of reflection and remembrance.  It was also a day to somehow heal the wounds of 9/11. Like many Americans, I spent yesterday afternoon watching my favorite football team the Buffalo Bills and being surrounded by a lot of people I truly care about. Personally, it did not matter if the Bills won or lost (although I am glad they did!). It was just so comforting to get caught up in some NFL football. It is so representative of who we are as Americans. Football is our game. It's part of our American way of life. There's nothing more American than enjoying a cold beer with your loved ones and watching football. It's how we cope.  It's how we enjoy our lives. It's a way we take pride in being Americans. I can't speak for the rest of country but I do know that watching yesterday's Bills game brought me peace and comfort on a very sad anniversary. Football was somehow healing me yesterday. We needed our football games yesterday. I believe it helped us feel a little bit better and maybe even made us sleep a little sounder last night as well.