This morning if you were listening to the Breakfast Club, you may have heard me joke that it was Dale Mussen with Drew Carey.  Then Josh said that it was as if I had morphed from Gary Levox to Drew Carey.  Well, the only thing different really is the glasses.

I'm only going to wear them when I'm reading or on the computer for awhile. Chances are you won't see me wearing them out at concerts or any of the various jamborees over the summer so I thought I'd show you what Dale and I were talking about. 

My whole life I've had great vision.  I never even really had a professional eye exam.  But it's a good idea to make sure that what's working is still working sometimes so I scheduled a visit at the same time as my wife's exam (actually, she scheduled it for me, I'm not really that organized that I could keep my own appointments).

Expecting to walk in and have them tell me I have 20/20 vision and send me on my way, I marched in with confidence.  As I go through the exam I notice myself squinting when we test the eyes independently.  Uh oh...

But as the doctor finished the exam he told me I'm near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other.  He explained that it wouldn't affect my vision much but that if I wanted to "fine tune" my vision a bit, I should get some glasses.  Knowing that I spend a ton of time on computers I decided "why not?"  and now I'm the owner of a new pair of glasses.

So overnight with just the addition of glasses, I've gone from Gary Levox to Drew Carey.  Can I take that exam again?