We see those nasty comments on Twitter from cowards who hide behind pseudonyms.  And even the ones on Facebook who use their real names, would they dare say the things they do to your face?  Probably not.  Taylor Swift covered the issue in "Mean".

What really has my blood pressure boiling is the incredibly racist comments directed at an 11-year old boy after he sang the national anthem before Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Heat and the Spurs in San Antonio.

Sabastien De La Cruz is a San Antonio native.  He was born there.  He's of Mexican heritage and he loves mariachi music.  You may remember him from last year on America's Got Talent when he sang with a mariachi band.

He loves being an American and he loves singing the national anthem, but here were some of the comments after his performance:

  •  "Why they got a Mexican kid singing the national anthem?
  •  "How you singing the national anthem looking like an illegal immigrant"
  • "Why is a foreigner singing the national anthem? I realize that's San Antonio but that still ain't Mexico"

Sebastien just takes it stride though.  How about this from a 10-year old kid; "For those that said something bad about me, I understand it's your opinion. I'm a proud American and live in a free country. It's not hurting me. It's just your opinion."

While the nasty comments are getting most of the attention, he's getting plenty of support too.  He says he's always grateful to another day and be able to sing. He says he owes his positive outlook to his parents, family and everyone in San Antonio.  The comments of a boy wise beyond his years.

Here's his performance: