Tonight another will fall on  'American Idol', I’m going to try and predict the bottom 3.  Paul, Haley and Casey.  I’ve picked them based on how I think fans have voted, not on performance.  I actually liked Casey Abrams performance last night, I doubt most of America will agree.  As for Paul, I’m just tired of his voice I liked him at first but he has one of the voices that I can only take in small doses.  Now to Scotty, I wish he would’ve taken more of a risk last night on his song choice.  “I Cross My Heart” is one of the best country ballads of the last 20 years but I just don’t think it made a big splash.  Another idea I had watching Scotty would've been to completely strip down the song and to sing it acoustic, which would’ve been awesome.  The audience and the judges seemed to like his choice and I doubt he is in any danger of leaving Idol tonight.  We asked our Facebook fans what they thought of Scotty last night, here’s what some of them said.

Beth Cary Wolfe
It was okay, seems like he tries too hard to be twangy! I mean he can sing but it wasn't my favorite performance of his.

Ann Marie Sanger
not good

Linda Maury Wiepert
The judges are not hard on anyone this season it seems clueless on who's getting the boot tonight but the sabres game is on....that's more important.

Beth Cary Wolfe
I think it may be Paul, Haley & maybe Scotty?? I wish Jacob would go tho!!

Charles Kegle
Not impressed at all! Everyone knows that he is one dimensional and that is not going to win on American idol! Go Sabres!

Angie Stachowiak
I think he did wonderful and i think he sound like josh turner

Scott OBrien
I think Lauren kicked butt for Country Music Fans!! Scottie has to pick it up a notch... fortunately I think there were worse performances and Scottie should be safe another week... I'm all for Jacob going, he isn't anybody I would listen t...oo on the radio. I think the judges aren't hard this year cause it influences the voting results?? You could tell a couple people they were struggling to find something nice to say.

gonna have a career whether or not he wins ... he's very comfortable on stage and he CONNECTS unlike most of the others ... Lauren also connects ... TMZ reported Pia was no where near a big vote getter, but Scotty and Lauren are the leaders.

Linda Osbun-Headley
He did good. Love that song

Karen Kline Thurn
Awful. He's the only one who needs back up singers and they drown him out over and over again. Lauren is the idol country artist by far.

Wendy Solly
I loved it. I love his voice, it reminds me of Josh Turner. I would love to hear him sing one of Josh's songs.