A cemetery in Williamsville is becoming quite the center of some controversy because of its fence. The fence which, has spikes on it has frequently seen mornings with deer who end up killing themselves by getting stuck on the spikes. If you're driving by the cemetery, on Union Road, you may get a a glimpse of something you don't want to see. Recently, two more deer were found on the fence which, were a mother and her fawn.

Animal Allies of Western New York Director Morgan Dunbar says  that Forest Lawn started to put up shields on the spikes to protect the deer but, claim that they never finished their project. She also adds that it would not be costly to finish the task but that Forest Lawn has not even tried to get bids for the project.

She says this has been going on for at least two years, according to WKBW

Forest Lawn refuses to put the contract out for bids. They have decided they wanted to work with one company and they are not willing to let people see what we can give the deer and the community a little price break. It should not take $10 a shield. This has been a constant frequency, and it's actually increasing in frequency because we're encroaching on their natural habitat. So unfortunately, it's getting worse."

President of the Forest Lawn group, Joseph Dispenza said, "We along with all who love and respect wildlife are very upset this has happened. The deer shield project has successfully protected the wildlife from injury for the last year and a half."

He says that they will continue to investigate the issue. Here's when the project first started nearly two years ago.