It's been quite a few years since I graduated from Williamsvile East High School in East Amherst. Back in those days, I was very "anti-establishment" and resisted any type of conformity. So much that I did not even submit a yearbook photo for my senior year. This was my way of getting back at "the system".

The irony is that the longer I have been away from my old school, the more I have come to respect it. Williamsville East is truly a great school that is providing one of the best learning environments in Western New York. I can tell you this honestly because my children have gone to this school. I have attended many, many school functions and spent time talking with the teachers. From my personal standpoint, Williamsville East High School really has their act together.

Last night I attended Williamsville East's annual Awards Night. What a testament to the fine work of the teachers and students. This is a place that excels on so many different levels. Almost 500 awards were given out last night. There were Memorial Awards and Scholarships Awards, as well as awards for citizenship, academics, achievements, service, athletics, music and the Principal's Awards. This is a school that is teaching it's students to be the best, not only in academics, but in areas of community service and citizenship.