Happy birthday to Willie Nelson.I am sure if you asked most of today's country fans, they would tell you that Garth Brooks may have been the guy that brought them to country music. True, Garth may have been one of the most influential stars of our generation. However, I think since he came on the scene, Willie has been country music's greatest ambassador.Willie Nelson may have been accused of many things (pun intended) but, one thing you CAN'T say about the legendary Texan is that he is arrogant or vain.So much has changed in our music and our society. Willie Nelson has consistently kept it real. One of the highlights of my career was having the HONOR to introduce Willie Nelson to 100,000 fans at Jamboree In The Hills! I am not sure of the official count, but, it seems as tho Willie has recorded a duet with nearly every famous singer!   Here are some of the all time great vintage duets with Willie!