I'm a guy who is admittedly a slow driver.  I am at the speed limit or very close to it for probably 95% of the time that I'm driving.  So to  me this idea is incredible.  It's a system that they've implemented in Sweden using speed cameras.  They take the pictures of the license plates that drive by the cameras.  If someone is speeding, they have to pay a fine.  Here's the kicker though...if someone is driving at a safe speed, their name also gets saved in a database.  But their names are saved for a different reason.  They save their names for a lottery and one lucky winner receives the amount that was collected on the fines.

Would it work?  Maybe.  If the number of speeders is really high, then it would totally pay off to drive around the speed limit.  And of course there's always the argument that it's better for your health.  But I could easily see the glamour wearing off after a couple of months of driving slow and not getting paid for it.  I think it's a clever idea though that would spark some people's interest. 

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