The snow is finally here!

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Took Mother Nature long enough too but the snow is finally here!  I love going out on a day where it has just snowed a couple inches and playing.  Yes I’m a big kid at heart!  I love going every year to my Grandparents house and taking the super old wooden toboggan and sledding.   It doesn’t matter that we probably only make it up the hill twice and probably spend more time throwing snowballs at each other it’s still fun.  Definitely get out and enjoy this weather with your family and friends this holiday season!

Tomorrow at the Lancaster Opera House they have the Glenn Colton Holiday Show.  If you have never seen this guy in person this is a definite must.  I had worked at a YMCA summer camp the one year and they had him come and perform a show.  The kids and adults LOVED him!  He had us rolling in the aisle laughing and dancing.  Make time tomorrow to see the Glenn Colton Show at the Lancaster Opera House.  It’s their annual performance that kicks off at 6pm. This is an interactive show with just the right touch of Glenn’s musical message for the children!

Then this week pack up the family in the car and head out to the Tifft Nature Preserve.  There is so many activities happening at the Preserve that you are not going to want to miss!  On Thursday at 2pm is their Family Snow Stop.  A snowy day is definitely a good time to play and walk at Tifft!  I couldn’t have said that better!  Join them starting at 2pm for hikes on the trails.  You may be able to get a snowball fight in as well during the walk!  If there is enough snow too there will be snowshoe rentals available for $2.  If you happen to at work during this event don’t worry because they do have another event starting at 6:30.  It’s called the Family Winter Wonderland Walk.  Bring the family to the preserve to see the sights and sounds of nature in the winter wonderland called Tifft.  Join others as they explore and enjoy them on a night hike around the preserve.  This event too will have snowshoe rentals available if there is enough snow (It is Buffalo so I’m guessing you’ll have plenty of snow!)  Make it a day at the Tifft Nature Preserve Thursday!


From my family to yours I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season!