Police in Elyria, Ohio arrested 49-year-old Toni Duncan after she choked out a wal-mart greeter. I have to admit-- I hate being asked for my receipt…it’s annoying. But I’m sure you’ll never catch me doing something like this!  Duncan was leaving a Walmart store when the 71-year-old greeter asked to see her receipt. She responded by pushing a cart into the greeter, grabbing his throat and choking him. She was arrested and charged with assault. And because the apple never falls far from the tree, her 21-year-old pregnant daughter, Ashley Jackson, who was with her at the time, was also arrested after she allegedly threatened to blow up the store and that the greeter would be dead when her boyfriend learned of the incident.

Sounds like she gave up her anger management classes for Lent.  Doesn't quite seem worth the trouble to me.