Desperate times calls for desperate measures sometimes.

Etta Mae Lopez pleaded no contest when tried in a Sacramento court for slapping police officer, Matt Campoy, across the face.

She didn't really mind either.

Lopez has been trying to kick the nasty habit of smoking and could just not do it on her own -- so she decided she needed a little support. Because you can not smoke while in jail, she thought it would be the best place for her to be to kick her long-time habit.

"I stepped to the left again and she suddenly stepped into me and slapped my face," Campoy said. "I've been telling everybody that I have a new Irish name: Nick O'Derm," a reference to the NicoDerm brand of nicotine patches smokers use to try to kick the habit.

Lopez pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery and got 63 days jail. Her wish was granted. But, what is the craziest thing you have tried to do to quit smoking?