Just about everyone has some experience with today's hashtag for #Hashtag Tuesday.  If you've ever been through an ugly breakup, we want to hear from you today on Twitter.

The hashtag today is #WorstWayToBreakUp.  You've all heard the ancient joke about what you get when you play country music backwards right?  That's because so many of the songs are about breakups.  If you've had a nasty one and you can fit it into 140 characters, we'd love to hear from you.  Here's what you have to do:

First of all, make sure you are on Twitter .  Then make sure you’re following us there @1065wyrk.  Next all you have to do is put your tweet in a formula kind of like this:

@1065wyrk  Her new boyfriend tells you that she doesn't want to see you anymore.  #WorstWayToBreakUp.

Obviously, you can be more creative than that.  If you've ever broken up with someone and it was ugly we want to hear about it.

Get those tweets in anytime today and I’ll post a list of some of the best tomorrow!