I don't know who declares these days but they hit a good one yesterday.  Tuesday was declared "One Hit Wonder Day" so I headed to facebook to find out what some of your favorite one hit wonder bands were.  You came up with some good ones.

First off, I guess I have to explain what a one hit wonder is.  A one hit wonder is a band that has just one hit but it's a big one.  You know...like "Come On Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners.  It was a big hit during its time but can you name another big hit from that band?

Therefore, Kenny Chesney, Big & Rich, and yes...even Billy Ray Cyrus don't fit on this list.  Here are some good ones that you named as your favorite one hit wonders:

  • Sylvia -- Nobody
  • Rednex -- Cotton Eyed Joe
  • Mark McGuinn -- Mrs. Steven Rudy (He did have a couple other singles but none of them ever cracked the top 20 on the US Country Charts)
  • Ryan Shupe And The Rubber Band -- Dream Big
  • Michael Peterson -- Drink, Swear, Steal And Lie
  • Blue County -- Good Little Girls
  • Steve Azar -- I Don't Have To Me 'Til Monday (Again, another guy who had a couple more singles but unfortunately never cracked the top 20)
  • Ken Mellons -- Jukebox Junkie
  • Yankee Grey -- All Things Considered

My Pick:

Pirates Of The Mississippi -- Feed Jake

Probably the biggest one in my mind though:

Heartland -- I Loved Her First