You know you've made it are on the cover of Ladies Home Journal.  Look for Miranda Lambert at the  check out lane.   It seems that is where I see LHJ a lot.  Next to Country Living, Country Weekly and crossword puzzle books.

Get a sneak peak at the issue with Miranda here:

The March issue of Ladies Home Journal Miranda Lambert opens up about life with Blake Shelton, her recent weight loss, and why she will always be a small town Texas girl at heart.

The best thing about her fiancé, Blake Shelton: “Blake is outdoorsy, outspoken and really funny. I used to have no sense of humor. Everything was a big deal. I’ve gotten so much better about not taking things too seriously—and Blake is the reason why.”

On meeting Blake when they were paired on a Nashville duet show: “We were just friends for a long time. We wrote songs together. He ended up getting divorced and eventually we fell in love.”

On her yo-yoing weight: “I’ve gone through a lot of weight issues and spent my 20s going up and down. I called my trainer a month before the CMA Awards and said, “I’m ready to make this a lifestyle and not crash diet.” Every time an event was coming up I was trying to figure out how to lose 10 pounds in two days.”

On feeling good about her current weight: “I’ve always been a size eight-ish. Now I’m down to a six. Which is fine with me. When you’re on stage, you don’t want to be thinking about what’s jiggling.”

On food: “I’m trying to learn to cook healthy things. But I like hamburger and meatloaf and mac-and-cheese, stuff I can’t have if I want to fit in my jeans.”

On dealing with fame: “I can’t even go to Walmart anymore!”

On her tattoo of two intertwined revolvers graced by wings: “I’m really a small town Texas girl. I’ve got a good heart. I was raised right. But I also have a feisty side. I have this don’t take any crap attitude. The guns and wing represent both parts of my personality.”

On why she and Blake live separately in two nearby farm houses: “When Blake gets on my nerves, I can go home. We hang out at one farm or the other, depending on the night. It works for us.”

The role her parents played in starting her career: “I started like Loretta Lynn did, with my mom driving me around Texas, looking for radio towers. Some stations would let me in the door and put me on the air. Others wouldn’t. But my parents and I always worked together to get gigs.”

Taking care of her parents: “Now I try to repay the favor they did me in every way possible. The first new car anyone in my family ever had I bought for my parents two years ago, a Ford Expedition. I bought the first car I ever had—a pickup truck—over a year ago.”

How she feels about her success: “We live within our means. I don’t have a big mansion. But I have 700 acres that no one can take away from me. It’s amazing to walk around my land and think. “That’s my tree that I bought with my hard-earned money.” That’s something my dad wanted to do and he couldn’t. I feel like I’m doing this for my family now.”

The March issue of Ladies Home Journal has details about her home life and career.